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Top 10 Startups in Africa Solving African Problems

Emerging technologies are surfacing in our world today. Most start-ups are leveraging technology and building on future technologies. There are a lot of promising startups in Africa and more are being unveiled each day. In this post, you will find the top 10 Startups in Africa Solving African problems.


Starting up a business presents a lot of risks and challenges to everyone, but generally it provides an avenue for entrepreneurs to express themselves through the product they built and Alo network with like minds in the field.


Top 10 Startups in Africa Solving African Problems

  1. Flutterwave
  2. Printivo
  3. Twiga
  4. Flare
  5. Halan
  6. FinChatBot
  7. Appy Saude
  8. Vizibiliti Insight
  9. CowTribe
  10. Map Action


  1. Flutterwave

The brand is a payments platform that is arguably the Stripe of the African continent, and with a potential 1.2 billion users, that’s a huge opportunity right there. Flutterwave’s innovative API solution allows users to make customised payment and goes beyond into expenses management systems for small and large scale business owners.


The mission of Flutterwave is to connect Africa to the global payments economy, there supporting the development of businesses across the continent too. “Flutterwave is not only an exciting startup in its own capacity, it promises to facilitate the growth of startup business across the African continent,” adds Peter Ntini, a software developer at WritemyX and BritStudent.

Top 10 Startups in Africa Solving African Problems

  1. Twiga

A startup based in Kenyan, the Twiga brand has been around for a while now, since 2014 and is already transforming the lives of farmers and food producers in the East African country – with the potential to develop its service into the remainder of the continent. The aim is to supply the infrastructure which sees farming produce find its way into a secure and secure marketplace, protecting both the farmers and growers themselves, but the end customers who are often guaranteed the standard for the produce they’re buying. With agriculture supporting the lives of so many people in Africa, this truly has the potential to develop the economic outlook for an entire continent.


  1. Flare

Another Nairobi-based business, flare provides a software solution for emergency response and transfer units like the police and ambulance services. Not only does it offer real-time tracking options, but also provides an in depth and innovative reporting system which is additionally beneficial for personal sector companies.


  1. Halan

One major issue in Africa is Transportation, which is caused a variety of reasons. The Egyptian based company Halan helps solve the transportation issue in Egypt and Sudan offering motorcycle and tuk-tuk hailing services, filling the on-demand niche that was previously missing. The business has already received funding which promises to accelerate its growth, and with huge potential, this might be a model that’s developed soon over the continent.


  1. FinChatBot

 FinChatBot is a South African startup leveraging on Artificial Intelligence. The AI-powered tool which seeks to communicate with and acquire customers for financial services providers. The company has been specializing in its home market. In recent times, the startup has been successful in securing funding from risk capital firms to secure its future growth, potentially into other markets across the African continent.


  1. Appy Saude

The startup is Angolan based, providing a service lacking from the lives of the bulk of Africans. information about access to local healthcare providers. Appy Saude doesn’t only provide information regarding what is available and where, it also shows  specializations and the type of insurance covers accepted, this feature allows Angolans to make quick healthcare choices in their time of need. “With healthcare a serious concern across Africa, this app is about to revolutionise the lives of everyday Africans.


  1. Vizibiliti Insight

Vizibiliti Insight may be a South African AI-powered tool which is in a position to screen future tenants to properties and predict their possibility of defaulting on payments. The company’s innovative and user-friendly approach has already seen it devour a variety of awards, and its model promises to be a beautiful proposition across Africa. .


  1. CowTribe

CowTribe, a startup based in Nigeria is one of many helping the huge marketplace of African farmers – they offer access to affordable vaccinations from regulated providers. The agritech sector is one among the fastest developing sectors in Africa with many Africans making their living this manner . This is yet one more example of how farmer experiences are being improved tech.


  1. is an online travel agency that specializes in hotel booking in Nigeria. They help make the method of booking a hotel seamless providing comprehensive help and support to their clients. also provides reviews and recommends hotels ensuring that their clients stay during a clean and cozy hotel everywhere in the country. They aim to be the most important provider of travel information and reservation in Africa. The brand also has a sister project HNG Internship that provides free remote internships to software developers in Africa.


  1. Map Action

This Malian business and therefore the app it’s developed is promising to vary lives through the mapping and identification of problems with water supplies, including hygiene risks and sanitation issues in real time with its urban mapping tool. Shortlisted for the #Africa4Future Accelerator Programme, this is often another business seeking success through the transformation of living conditions for everyday Africans.



This is just a few out of lots of emerging startups in Africa. Africa is really stepping up their game in the tech industry which is a good thing as it will create more job opportunities and increase the economy in many African countries. Are you planning on starting a business? Read our post for new startups which will give you a beginners guide to all you need to know.

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