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Top 10 Online Forums in South Africa

A forum is simply an online community where users from different parts of the world visit and share thoughts on selected topics or sections. Most forums allow users to post with little or no moderation on users’ posts. There are many online forums on the internet. If you’re looking for the best online community to visit in South Africa that is very interactive and popular, then stay tuned to this post. In a moment we are going to be sharing the top 10 online forums in South Africa.

Forums is also regarded as an internet message board where users can post messages regarding one or more topics of interest, and others can comment on the discussion. Forums require a moderator or Mod as popularly known to keep track of all user actions and ensure the forum policy is not violated any users. 

Forums provide an avenue to share thoughts on topics online, it also helps web owners generate quality backlinks to their website when they post relevant and helpful information on the platform.

The downside to relying on forums for information is that users are free to post with little to no moderation, this means that anyone can post invalid news or raise a form of religious or political misunderstanding amongst users from comments posted.

With that in mind, let’s jump into the main purpose of this post, which is the list of the top 10 forums in South Africa.

Top 10 Online Forums in South Africa

  1. Trip Advisor
  2. Bizcommunity
  3. My broadband
  4. TheForumSA
  5. Fodors
  6. South Africa
  7. BigSoccer
  8. Small Business Forum
  9. The South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum
  10. SA Business Hub

1.Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is a leading travel agency for enthusiasts and travel lovers.The Trip Advisor South African Forum allows users to post on discussion relating to travel and vacation. Although there’s room to post other topics but their main topic of interest is on travel and vacations as seen from their domain name.

  1. Bizcommunity

Bizcommunity is a forum located in South Africa where business related topics are posted. But like other forums, they allow users to post on other topics and create topics too where others can reply and post on as well.

  1. My broadband

The Mybroadband brand is regarded as one of the best IT Websites in South Africa with 2.5 million unique monthly visitors. MyBroadband was founded in  2003 and started as a forum to deal with the broadband problems which existed in South Africa at the time. Since then the web site grew into an IT News publication and online community, with 2.5 million unique visitors and 10 million page views per month.

  1. The Forum SA (

Welcome to The Forum SA. As a visitor you’ve got read only access to the general public content areas of this website. You will need to register as a member to access all content, post messages and network with our members. Membership is free and registering is quick and straightforward .

  1. Fodors

The Fodors brand has more than 700 local writers and vacation experts offering the definitive, insider guide on best destinations over 8,000 worldwide destinations, they dive even deeper with hands on recommendation on what food & drink to get, luxury & budget, arts & culture, hotels & lodging, cruises & transport, and each tip, trick, hack, and deal you’ll ever think up. They have an online community where users can post topics on discussions.

  1. SouthAfrica (

The South Africa Forums are well moderated to make sure that they continue to be freed from lewd material and trouble-making users. Anyone can join the users in chatting about what makes South Africa great! You can also Read about holidays enjoyed in South Africa, about its culture and other people, about the cuisine then far more.

  1. BigSoccer.

BigSoccer allows its users to get the latest and trending information on sport matters. They cover a wide range of categories in the football industry and have a category for major football teams in the world. It is located in South Africa.

  1. Small Business Forum (

Small Business Forum supports the creation, growth and development of small businesses in South Africa. You can join the platform to deliberate on  issues, gather practical advice, and utilise a library of useful resources to grow and develop your business.

  1. The South African Black Entrepreneurs Forum (

The SA Black Entrepreneurs Forum was founded in 2002 a dynamic group of entrepreneurs that were trailblazers in the early days of economic transformation in South Africa. SABEF may be a non-profit section 21 registered company that endorses pure broad-based black economic empowerment. We strongly believe that entrepreneurship may be a conduit to poverty alleviation, job creation and economic process in South Africa .

  1. SA Business Hub (

Take hands with us for an exciting business venture in providing a soft landing for those being displaced during the recession and at an equivalent time create a viable business for yourself.


There you have it, the top 10 forums in South Africa you can visit and join today. If you own a business, joining an online forum that is related to your business will be a great way to advertise your business for free to your target audience. So there’s really no downside to joining an online community, because from our research most if not all are free to register and require no payment or hidden charges.

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