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Top 10 Blogs in Africa

Blogging started merely as a means of sharing ideas with people online and something most people do just for the fun of it. But in recent times, it has become a very lucrative means of generating passive income online from the comfort of your home, while doing what you are passionate about. Really there can never be an easy way of making money online such as these. Only few people were able to catch the trend when it started and soon turned it into a career. In this post, we will be looking at the top 10  blogs in Africa.

One thing to note that a blog is different from a professional website, e-commerce website, forum or social media website. Although they all consist of web pages which are linked together to form a website. The difference is in the features and functionality of each website. 

A blog mostly consists of the site owner sharing posts while viewers comment. The viewers can only read posts but cannot edit or delete anything from the blog. 

One good thing about blogging is that it is relatively easy and cheap to start a blog. You can own a blog for free on and start publishing online. Blogs are a good source of getting vital information, trending news and tutorials on how to do stuff. Blogging also serves as a means to connect to your customers if you’re a business owner.

The down side to blogging is that people go the extra mile to fake news and mislead their readers for the purpose of driving fast traffic to their website. This has resulted in a lot of people losing trust in most blogs. 

Having defined what a blog is and the distinguishing factor from other websites, let’s jump right into the list of the top 10 blogs in Africa. The list cut across various industries and niches.

Top 10 Blogs in Africa

  1. Lindaikeji’s Blog
  2. Africa on the Rise
  3. Techpoint Africa
  4. Allafrica
  5. Healthian
  6. Bella Naija 
  7. Pulseng
  8. Fiona Rosita, Inspired Living
  9. Naijaloaded
  10. Samomblog
  1. Linda Ikeji’s Blog (

Lindaikeji is a well known blogger from Nigeria who’s had several controversial issues with lots of celebrities due to her breaking news about them which let many cats out of the bag, enjoys many website traffic which she will easily pass messages to with the help of her mac book pro (Apple laptop) and the internet connection. Linda Ikeji who quit her modelling career and invested most of her time on her blog which is currently worth millions of dollars

  1. Africa on the Rise (

Africa on the Rise is an award winning blog based on 2015. The blog shared articles relating to Africa and African technology. They won the award for the best Africa blog in 2016.


The number of tech startups is continuously increasing in different parts of the world. And Africa is not an exception. That is why this blog features a huge following due to its contents that are specifically targeted to startups. You will read not only about different ideas on what your next startup should be but also great stories about these businesses and their humble beginnings and how they were ready to cope up during this ever-changing world.

  1. Allafrica (

 They are content service providers, they focus on systems technology development and the largest electronic distributor of African news and information worldwide. If you are looking for news on Travel and Tourism, then you can count on them. The blog is based in South Africa.

  1. Healthian (

Healthian features the latest medical and healthcare news and innovations, with professional insights that help you to stay updated on the latest developments while separating the facts from fiction.

  1. Bellanaija (

Bellanaija was founded Uche Eze, a nigerian online magazine and blog that focuses on news, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and other media contents, but the blog enjoys more views on fashion contents.

  1. Pulseng (

Pulse Nigeria also delivers Nigerian breaking news on gist, movies, celebrities, music, lifestyle and events. They started making massive trends online with the help of their street interviews (Pulse Vox) which seems to be really interesting to several , because it always seems to be really hilarious.

  1. Fiona Rossiter, Inspired Living (

Fiona covers a wide range of topics, from food and wine to travel, accommodation, decor, beauty and everything in between. Based in Cape Town, her blog has a varied target market across ages, genders and locations.

  1. Naijaloaded  (

 Naijaloaded is one of Africa’s largest online portal, launched on the 1st of october, 2009, founded Makinde Azeez. They post contents related to news, music, videos, football updates, and funny posts, which makes trends after an article is posted  on any of the listed categories on the blog.

  1. Samomblog (

A visit to is enough to brighten anyone’s day thanks to the fascinating contents that it offers. You can deem example “How Child’s Farm helped my child’s flaky hair,” “{Product Review} Five reasons why the Sylvanian Families Supermarket adds value to your child’s play experience,” and “Meet Amelia and determine why she wrote a personalised book about adoption.”


Although Africa is still lagging a bit in terms of technological trends, compared to other foreign countries. They are really putting in much effort in terms of online information sharing. The most famous blogger in Africa, Lindaikeji’s Brand has been on the internet for over 10 years and is still growing. It is a call on Africans to leverage on Information Technology as a means to grow her economy. 

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