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5 Tips On How To Sell Yourself To an Employer or Prospect – Marketing Strategy

Okay, you have the skillset now and have developed yourself, but how do you get people to know what you can do and even hire you at the spot for a job. Believe me, the skill you have acquired have also been acquired other people and they also are looking for business owners to work with. 

Convincing them to hire you after you pitch your idea to them is a skill most people fail to acquire as they engage in self-development programs. In this post, I will show you how you to impress your potential client or employer selling them your idea regardless of whether you offer physical goods or services. You will also learn the best marketing strategy and the best reply to the most common challenge people face when trying to close a deal.

What Employers Are Looking For?

Before going for a job interview or a business meeting, there’s something called doing your homework. Take a chill, this is not your regular high school or college homework. What I mean here is carrying out a background check and research on your potential client/employer. Find out;
  • What they do
  • How they do it
  • The company aims and objective
  • Research also on the job you hope to do for the company
  • Find out what they have been doing and how differently you will implement it
After conducting your research, you are now a step ahead over your competitors. If you are going for a job interview, what employers are looking for is someone who can do the advertised job. Not necessarily someone with the best degree. Believe me, many graduates are enclosed with the knowledge they gain in their various colleges and less concerned about what is applied in the real world. Make sure you can do the job before applying. There are many free platforms to learn and equip oneself with the skills needed for any job application. For example, if you are applying to become a secretary, you need to be able to use basic Microsoft software (MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access etc). You cannot apply for a job as a web developer when you don’t know how to write HTML code. You understand the point I am trying to make here. Focus on developing that skill of yours before applying for that dream job, and you will be sure of getting employed.

How To Close a Deal/Prospect

This aspect of the post is the main focus of this post, as this post is aimed at entrepreneurs who are still getting started and are looking for their first client. When trying to convince a client to go with your product or service, the first thing you need to do is to try to make your client comfortable channel your pitch on how they have been missing out rather than trying to sell them initially. 
Try to picture your potential clients’ point of view and understand that they are scared of throwing out money to a complete stranger. So the hardest part of selling your idea is trying to convince them that they will benefit more from you. To help you out, try to attach a compelling story to your pitch that will appeal to their emotions. This will go a long way in helping you close the client.

How to Answer “I will Get Back to You” Reply from a Prospect

Have you ever had a prospect who after doing your research and presenting your ideas to him, he says to you “I will get back to you”. Well, courtesy demands you say ‘Okay… Should I leave my contact with you, so you can get back to me?’ While this sounds professional, it is not the best answer to give when faced with this Question. In fact, it puts you in a lower position with your prospect. 
Take it from me; more than 90% of the prospects never call back. The truth is, that is just a fancy way of telling you NO, maybe because you haven’t convinced them well or they are not comfortable with the terms of the deal. So the question is how best to reply to the ‘I will get back to you’ reply.
One way to do this is to say; “Mr. A, I have been doing this for a while now, and most time when someone says they will get back to me, I never hear from them again. What would it take for us to do business today, not tomorrow?’ Saying this gives you an edge in the meeting because you are putting your client in a somewhat tight position.
Another way to answer is saying ‘Mr. Prospect, People say this a lot and never get back to me. What don’t you like about the deal, is it the terms? The price? You can tell me.’ Then from there, you proceed to compromise on some of the features of the deal so both parties can be happy at the end of the day.

Marketing your Skills

No one lights a candle and put it under the bed. It doesn’t serve its purpose and people cannot see it. Believe me, even if you can create a whole new world and no one knows that you can do it, it is as good as you not having the skills. Our world is already digital, which means there are billions of people online each day who can turn into potential clients for your brand. You need to be able to leverage technology and use it as a tool to drive sales to your business.
One way to do this is to create social media account on multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Website) and post pictures of your goods or the services you offer regularly to grow your followers.
In marketing your business, do not focus much on advertising your products always to your followers. Try to interact with your audience, post funny posts, and always reply to comments. Then you can slip in your product in one of your post. Marketing this way ensures your audiences never get bored of too many adverts you post regularly.
Secondly, you can opt for a paid advertisement. Where a professional handle your social media and runs a targeted ad campaign to drive sales to your website. This ensures you get the best value and return on your investment.
In conclusion, when trying to market your skill and set your feet off. Your best tool is to leverage the power of social media and post regularly about your business. In a future post, I will go in-depth and analyze some of these social media platforms and how best to market on them. Be sure to keep tuned to this blog.

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